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New Design Riser
If you're a sprinkler contractor you will sometimes be familiar with the challenge of shoe-horning a riser assembly into the confined spaces often found in residential properties. Existing pre-assembled risers are commonly designed for the American market where timber framed properties are built with more generous spaces than European style dwellings.

In response to this demand we've re-designed our residential riser assembly into a compact, simple to install unit. The inlet connection as well as the drain and test point use a brass male thread, except the 1 1/4" which has a plain solvent socket, allowing for connection to a range of piping materials. The unit also includes the proven Potter flow switch and a 0-300 psi pressure gauge.

Apart from the compact design, a key feature is that all joints (with the exception of the pressure gauge) are solvent welded - eliminating the risk of leaks from badly made threaded assemblies.


The new riser is available from stock.

New Sprinkler Head Adaptor

We introduced the new Torquesafe
TM sprinkler head adaptor during 2009. The adaptor is the latest product to be developed by Spears to improve ease of installation as well as provide a more secure joint between the sprinkler head and the adaptor fitting. Why is it different?

Firstly, the innovative Torqusafe fitting does not require the use of any PTFE tape or thread jointing paste. Instead the threaded socket includes a pre-fitted 'O'-ring to seal against the leading edge of the threaded sprinkler. Sprinkler fitting is quick and fool-proof.

Second, the fitting has a unique ratchet mechanism that prevents over-tightening and makes head alignment especially easy. When the sprinkler head is screwed in, it is tightened until it reaches a pre-set torque in the adaptor fitting. This is the optimum sealing torque - all that remains is to use a wrench on the sprinkler head flats to give the correct alignment.

This special product is proving very popular. Why not try it on the next installation?

Torquesafe fitting

Expert Training

Fire sprinkler contractors are reminded that it is a requirement that installers are trained in the installation techniques used for CPVC fire sprinkler piping prior to commencing work. It is also recommended that installers undergo refresher training every two years.

At IPS we provide installer training free to customers. We also have more detailed programmes available to assist fire protection engineers to make the appropriate designs and specifications for the optimum use of CPVC in fire sprinkler systems.

Training can be carried out either on site, in your offices, or at our own training facilities. Attendees that have successfully completed the programme are issued with an accredited skill card.

Job card

An important point to remember is that IPS has no less than nine qualified trainers that are able to provide training on demand. It's especially useful to be able to call on your local contact for help, or to bring in one of our industry specialists when detailed assistance is needed.

If you need training or want to discuss your needs, contact our technical team, or look up your local contact.

Where can CPVC be used?

CPVC fire sprinkler systems are ideal for all Light Hazard as well as many other Ordinary Hazard 1 applications. They can also be used in Residential and Domestic installations, and low pressure mist systems.

When the piping is located behind a half-hour resistant barrier, it can be used without restriction in all suitable occupancies. Where the pipe is exposed, there are strict guidelines to follow with regard to the location of the pipe and the sprinkler coverage. You should consult our design guide at www.ips-blazemaster.com

We've also produced a simple one-page guide to applications for CPVC fire sprinkler systems. To download this quick reference guide click here.

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New Design Riser

Prices Update

Expert Training

New Sprinkler Head Adaptor

Where Can CPVC Be Used?
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Prices Update
Despite the recession the cost of many plastic raw materials is rising. In some cases this is happening quickly and with large increases. PVC-U pipes, for example, have recently increased by as much as 20%.

Although the price of CPVC raw materials has also been volatile, we have been able to work with our manufacturing partners to maintain cost stability. Therefore we are pleased to advise that no price increases are planned for CPVC fire sprinklers from IPS. This means that we have had no changes in our list prices since May 2008.
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